​Terms and conditions

  1. These terms apply to the services of the Drivers Iceland Smartphone application.

  2. The user must be the proprietor of the telephone number he or she registers in the service.

  3. To use the Drivers Iceland service, a user must register through the Drivers app. All customer service is accessible via email to drivers@drivers.is

  4. No fee is charged for the service provided by Drivers Iceland, but Drivers Iceland reserves the right to initiate a fee for the service once experience is gained on the system. 

  5. Users will be notified of price changes with a minimum of 15 days notice via email notification, SMS and / or further promotion in the smart app or on the website.

  6. The customer undertakes to abide by the terms and conditions that are set at each time and further information can be found in the tariff in a smart app or on the drivers.is

  7. Drivers registered in Drivers Iceland are always responsible for operating according to the law at any time, including. e. Have all the required permits and rights to drive, ie. with a concession or field for the concessionaire who approves his use of the license.

  8. Drivers Iceland is responsible for processing within the meaning of par. 4. Paragraph 1 Article 2, cf. and 1st t. Paragraph 1 Article 20 Act no. 77/2000 on the processing and processing of personal information, collects and processes the following personal information about users:

    1. Information that the user records when creating an access, such as telephone number, email address, name and other personally identifiable information. This information is necessary to ensure the experience of passengers and drivers using the Smart Drivers application.

    2. Passenger location information requesting a car so that the driver can be informed of the passenger's location.

    3. Information on the location of a driver who has accepted a booking on the trip so that passengers can be informed of how far the car is.

    4. All information recorded by Drivers Iceland is stored in a secure database and all communications with it are via encrypted connections.

  9. The user is always responsible for any damage due to improper use of the service. 

  10. A user authorizes Drivers Iceland to send him notifications by mail, email or via SMS / MMS messages regarding content relating to the service.

  11. Drivers Iceland may block individual users, delete access or update for any reasonable reason.

  12. A user can request a delisting or deletion of his or her data by email at drivers@drivers.is

Security and privacy policy

Reliability and security are key functions in all Drivers operations. Because of this, the company strives to ensure, in a variety of ways, confidentiality, reliability and the secure and responsible handling of information. Furthermore Drivers strives to inform users about security issues and how to set up their information so no one has to question the editing of information in a safe and lawful manner.



Data Security and Access Management

All information in the Drivers system is encrypted.

Personally identifiable information is inaccessible to users of the system.

Individual user information is only available to Drivers staff and is only retrieved as needed, such as when a user fails to pay a service charge within the specified payment deadline. All Drivers employees have a clean criminal record and a duty of confidentiality about everything they may perceive to the users of the system. Drivers reserves the right to appeal against any breach of confidentiality to the appropriate authorities.



Personally Identifiable Information to the Absolute Minimum

The Drivers policy is to store and process as little personally identifiable information as possible in order to provide services and fulfill obligations. When using the system, for example, ordinary users only need to provide a phone number and name, without the need to provide a social security number, address or other personal information. However, taxi drivers are invited to sign up for the system. At the time of registration, Drivers requests the license plate number of the taxi that is registered with the person along with a photo of a valid driver's license.

Drivers operates in all respects in accordance with Icelandic law on privacy and the processing of personal information. Drivers makes sure that its customers, who are considered to be the guarantors within the meaning of the Privacy Act, have notified the Privacy Authority of its activities, as the Privacy and Privacy Act provides. Drivers constitutes processor within the meaning of the Act on Data Protection.



Drivers does not warrant that you will not use information about users in an irresponsible, unsafe, or immoral manner.

Drivers will not, under any circumstances, disclose, sell or rent personal information.

Drivers will never provide third-party contact information (such as a mobile phone number). Drivers will never use contact information themselves for any purpose other than to communicate moderately and reasonably with users because of their access and use of the Drivers system.

Notwithstanding the foregoing reserves Drivers is to create anonymous statistical summaries and other derived information, which without a doubt is not unique, traceable or are attributable to users, and use them for commercial purposes, such as follows:

For research trips users specific areas. Its purpose is, among other things, that Drivers can inform customers and future customers about the system, its potential for use, the load-bearing capacity and the performance of the system.


The provisions of Act no. 77/2000

on privacy and handling of personal data with subsequent amendments. Drivers focuses on ensuring the confidential, reliable, secure and responsible handling

of user information. The following members information is recorded in the

Drivers Database for Drivers:

• First Name and Last Name Driver.

• Driver's phone number.

• Taxi station information.

• A picture of a license.

• Vehicle driver's vehicle number.

• Location of the driver when he approves a ride and after the trip

The following passenger information is entered in the Drivers Database for Passengers:

• User phone number.

• User location information

• Membership first name and last name


Users agree, upon registering these Terms, that information will be processed

for the following purposes:

• To identify users.

• To place users right on the map

• Due to user and communication services.

• Due to issuance of accounts and collection of claims on member.

• Due to the operation and development of the script and other Drivers services.

• Due to user usage monitoring 

• Due to Drivers direct marketing, opinion polls,

market research and other related Drivers measures


Notwithstanding the foregoing, Drives also reserves the right to disclose user information to third parties if:

• Drivers are required to do so by law.

• If police request information in the case of an accident or alleged criminal offense.

• Drivers are purchased or merged with another company but only in accordance with the provisions of this security policy (so that the new company will continue to operate similar services under the same terms).


The terms for Drivers will always be available on www.drivers.is

Drivers reserves the right to change this security policy as necessary and without notice.


In case of dispute between the parties shall endeavor to resolve it among themselves, failing to do so will force parties to use the District Court of Reykjavik for resolution.


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